Revitalizing and reclaiming the humanity of communities of color image

Revitalizing and reclaiming the humanity of communities of color

Forward Promise affirms the full humanity of people of color and rallies against the narratives, policies, and practices that dehumanize them

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Children of color are sacred, possessing intellect, curiosity, innovation, and creativity. However, they navigate a world that dehumanizes them in most of the spaces they occupy. Society questions their innocence and hampers their potential simply because they exist.

We fight to protect young people of color from the narratives and dehumanizing actions that make their worlds dangerous and limit the opportunities and resources they deserve. They deserve the tools that help them stand in their power and reject the ways in which society devalues them. They deserve the space to chart their own paths without being stigmatized or marginalized. And they absolutely deserve the chance to fearlessly pursue their dreams. We want to see them thrive!

This initiative is powered by Nafasi Fund, a fiscal sponsor that provides the 501(c)(3) and audit-worthy infrastructure Black-led organizations need to be eligible for funding that supports transformative work.